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Get one system to handle it all, including: integrated financial tools, schedules and calendars, dynamic takeoff, accounting integration, centralized communication, business intelligence reporting and much more with ConstructionOnline.

TrueVision Business Intelligence

TrueVision™ Business Intelligence

Get actionable insights from your data with TrueVision™ Business Intelligence.

TrueVision Business Intelligence puts your project data to work for you, giving you the confidence to make more informed decisions for the future. From Work-in-Progress reporting to advanced resource tracking, you'll get benefits and insights only available in ConstructionOnline.

TrueVision Business Intelligence

Financials & Job Costing

Estimate faster than ever with Costbook Assemblies.

Organize commonly-used costbook items with detailed assemblies, designed for full compatibility with OnCost Estimating & Redline Takeoff.

Costbook Assemblies
Costbook Assemblies

Scheduling & Calendars

See availability, workload, conflicts & more with TrueVision™ ResourceTrak.

Know exactly how your team is being utilized, so you can adapt and avoid any potential overloading or conflicts in the future.

TrueVision ResourceTrak
TrueVision ResourceTrak

We provide cutting-edge tools to help you succeed:
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Financial Tools

OnCost™ Estimating

  • Improved estimate creation sequence
  • Reduced estimate load times
  • New "Invoiced", "To Be Invoiced", "Paid", "To Be Paid" columns added to estimates
  • Classification report
  • Specification Report
  • Custom text blocks for proposals and contracts
  • Improved proposal creation sequence
  • Estimate template exports Excel
  • Round up adjusted quantities from Redline Takeoff
  • Insert assemblies from costbooks
  • Convert estimate subcategories to assemblies
  • Payment Overview dashboard added, shows amounts paid by client and outstanding balance

Change Order Management

  • Change Orders can now be exported to Excel
  • Optimized rounding methods on Invoiced and Paid Change Orders to enhance the population of Paid in Full status in the "Remaining" Column on the "Change Order Details" table
  • Track overall Change Order status in Project Health view
  • A new step has been added to the Change Order creation wizard for easier linking to Estimate subcategories
  • Optimized calculations for "Paid vs. Remaining" for the Change Order Summary

Items Database & Costbooks

  • Costbook assemblies - build assemblies in costbooks and quickly insert into estimates
  • Create standard & takeoff-compatible assemblies
  • Assign Unit of Measure to assemblies to determine takeoff measurement type compatibility
  • Create costbooks from estimates
  • Import costbooks from Excel
  • Costbooks now show dates of last import & updated

Client Selections

  • Selection reports now include image thumbnails
  • Company users can now receive notifications when a selection choice is added or approved


  • Improved invoice creation sequence
  • Custom terms for invoices now available
  • Attachments can now be added to invoices
  • "Date Emailed" column added to invoice table
  • "Overdue" watermark for past-due invoices
  • "Draft" watermark for draft invoices
  • More detailed history log entries for invoice activity

Scheduling & Calendars

Stay focused and flexible with new Multi-Project Scheduling.

No project exists in a vacuum. New Multi-Project Scheduling gives you the power to see the big picture and adjust when necessary. Link milestones between multiple schedules to ensure delays don't derail your momentum down the line.

Multi-project Scheduling
Multi-project Scheduling


Know how jobs are trending with Profit Tracking.

TrueVision Profit Tracking gives you an at-a-glance summary of how your jobs are performing from a profitability standpoint.

TrueVision Profit Tracking
TrueVision Profit Tracking

Interface & Display

Make it yours with new Dark Mode & Color Themes.

The time for impersonal, cold software interface is over. Give your team the freedom to make ConstructionOnline their own with customizable color themes, beautiful background imagery, and the new Dark Mode.

Custom display and interface options

Scheduling & Calendars

OnPlan™ Scheduling

  • Multi-project scheduling, including the ability to set milestones in multiple projects as predecessors
  • Track baselines in multi-project schedule view
  • TrueVision™ ResourceTrack blade - see resource workload, task conflicts, task completion and availability
  • Turn on automatic predecessors in schedules
  • Click and drag schedule tasks vertically to re-order
  • "Hide Completed Tasks" added to view options
  • Set tasks to start as soon as possible with the ASAP toggle switch
  • Print schedule on a single page
  • Set row heights on a single page
  • Export schedules to Microsoft Project
  • Schedule task list columns can now be reordered


  • Schedule group structure now shown on calendar bars
  • Task groups now appear on calendar popovers

Scheduling & Calendars

Set speed to maximum with ASAP quick toggle.

Keep your schedule tasks moving forward as efficiently as possible with the new As Soon as Possible quick toggle.

ASAP quick toggle
ASAP quick toggle

Financials & Job Costing

Get a real-time review of financial health with
Work-in-Progress Reporting.

Put your financial data to work for you and see exactly where your projects stand. New Work-in-Progress reporting gives you comprehensive insight into what jobs are running profitably, and which ones may require your attention.

Work-in-Progress Reporting
Work-in-Progress Reporting

TrueVision™ Business Intelligence

See exactly where your jobs stand with the Project Scorecard View

See a high-level overview of project-critical task statuses, profitability, schedule progress and much more. Avoid delays and cost overruns before they happen.

Project Scorecard
Project Scorecard

Project Tracking

Daily Logs

  • Automatically create Work Log entries from time sheets
  • Improved log creation from mobile app
  • Track log creation status in the Project Health View
  • Enhanced performance of Contact Filters when applied to Daily Logging Reports and Timelines


  • Multi-item edit to set priority, status, percent complete, trade, cost code, cost impact, due date. assigned resources and more.
  • See overall checklist completion status in the Project Health view
  • Updated Checklist print views
  • All Checklist reports now optimized for large data sets
  • Signatures now available for all Checklists

Punch Lists

  • Multi-item edit to set priority, status, percent complete, trade, cost code, cost impact, due date, assigned resources and more
  • See overall punch list completion status in the Project Health view
  • Updated Punch List print views
  • All Punch List reports now optimized for large data sets
  • Signatures now available for all Punch Lists

To Dos

  • Time stamps added to To Do notes
  • Create To Dos from photos in CO mobile
  • See overall To Do completion status in the Project Health View

Contracts & Proposals

Clarify your contracts and proposals with Default Text Blocks.

Give your client-facing documents more detail and increase your legal protection with custom text for contacts, proposals and other documents generated in ConstructionOnline.

Default Text Blocks
Default Text Blocks

Database & Architecture

Secure, stable, and speedy -
powered by the TrueStar™ Database.

ConstructionOnline is powered and supported by the TrueStar Database engine, featuring advanced health monitoring designed to deliver exceptional reliability, flexibility and power.

TrueStar Database Engine
TrueStar Database Engine



  • CC and BCC fields available for conversations
  • Contact selector in CO Mobile has been improved, making it easier to add multiple contacts to a thread
  • Streamlined text transmission speed in Messaging


  • Attachments can now be added to announcements
  • Announcements can be viewed and created in CO mobile

RFI Tracking

  • PDF summary of RFI is automatically attached to recipients' emails
  • See overall RFI status in the Project Health View
  • Search added to RFI Tracking
  • Streamlined email notifications for new RFIs & responses


  • Submittal log is now exportable to Excel
  • Submittals now load 12x faster
  • See overall Submittal status in the Project Health View
  • Submittals are now searchable
  • Draft-status submittals are now visible to the creator
  • ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Users can enter approvals for all permitted Submittals via Portal


  • Transmittals now load significantly faster, especially large sets
  • Transmittals are now searchable

Sales Management

Lead Tracking

  • Lead capture form expanded to include phone number and address
  • Creating an opportunity from a lead retains the lead details
  • When exporting Leads to Excel from the Lead Pipeline, any filters applied are retained in the export


  • Improved opportunity creation from lead sequence, lead details are now automatically populated in the new opportunity
  • Opportunities can now be duplicated
  • Company estimate templates are now available when creating Opportunity estimates


Find correspondence in a flash with New Search.

Find the RFI, Submittal, or Transmittal you're looking for quickly with easy search capabilities.

Search correspondence
Search correspondence


Project Value Reports by Type, Stage & Category

See detailed breakdowns of your projects' value by Type, Stage, Category and more to get better insights into financial trends.

Project Value Reporting
Project Value Reporting


Export Project Data to Microsoft Excel.

Export and share your ConstructionOnline project data with all stakeholders through easy-to-use Excel export functionality.

Export data to Excel
Export data to Excel

Files & Photos

Files & Photos

  • Video files are now previewable
  • Company Files now accessible from CO Mobile
  • Batch file uploads now up to 10x faster
  • CO Drive™ updated for increased speed & stability
  • Multi-select now available for photos inside albums
  • Photos can now be marked up in CO Mobile

Redline™ Takeoff

Redline™ Takeoff

  • Takeoff-compatible Costbook Assemblies can be associated with takeoff measurements
  • Assembly costbook item quantities are automatically calculated based on coverage rate and takeoff type
  • Takeoff Subcategories can be created from scratch from Costbook Assemblies
  • Assembly column added to the Takeoff Subcategory table to indicate if assemblies are in use
  • Items in estimates that originate from Redline Takeoff are marked with a takeoff icon
  • Takeoffs can now be shared by email

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

  • Work Logs can now be automatically created when clocking out in CO Mobile
  • Time shift management improved for CO Mobile

Redline™ Planroom

Redline™ Planroom

  • PDF upload and thumbnail generation processing improved to increase speed and stability
  • Sheet names can now be edited for sheets that have revisions
  • Redline Planroom is now available for ClientLink and TeamLink users via the portal


See exactly where payments are applied with Invoice Links in Estimates.

OnCost Estimates now feature even more invoicing and payment data, including easy quick links to show exactly where invoices and payments are being applied to estimate line items.

Connect estimates and invoices
Connect estimates and invoices

Expansion & Growth

ConstructionOnline's reach expands to more than 850,000 pros.

ConstructionOnline continues to grow and evolve, both in scale and scope - all informed by the feedback of thousands of construction professionals in more than 75 countries worldwide.

850,000 pros trust ConstructionOnline
850,000 pros trust ConstructionOnline

Projects of all kinds run better with ConstructionOnline.

ConstructionOnline is engineered to be flexible yet powerful enough to increase efficiency for jobs across the construction industry.

The #1 construction software designed to increase profits.

Over 850,000 pros trust ConstructionOnline to help run jobs more efficiently, get accurate financials, increase profits and reduce risks.

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