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Keep track of upcoming and completed tasks with simple yet powerful To Dos.

Designate projects, due dates, assign primary and related resources, and keep track of what needs to be done on a daily project basis.

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A straightforward project To Do list that ensures you get the job done on time.

Construction To Do Software

Stop Juggling Your Tasks and Implement ConstructionOnline To Dos  

ConstructionOnline To Dos allow straightforward management of all your important tasks. Forgetting to get something done could mean you have to wake up early tomorrow morning ... or losing the project you've been working to get all week.

Either way, better administration of your team's time and resources will save you from the ache that accompanies letting something important fall through the cracks. ConstructionOnline To Dos give you the tools to easily handle multiple projects and your entire staff's upcoming assignments, wherever you go.

Assign resources to To Dos

Divide and Conquer by Assigning Contacts to Project To Dos

Every To Do in the system can be assigned to multiple contacts, enabling you to oversee every individual on your team, and track their progress as they complete tasks.

With one centralized To Do list, as well as the ability to filter or sort by project, you have the means to make sure everything that is due gets completed.

More projects means more tasks that need to be supervised - With ConstructionOnline To Dos, that's never a problem.

Filter To Dos

Filter To Dos by Due Date, Resource, Trade & More

Comprehensive filters help you and your team zero in on the most relevant To Dos in your lists, so the path forward is always clear. You can filter To Dos by customizable attributes, including: due date, assigned resources, priority, trade, stage, cost code and more. Completed To Dos can also be hidden, so any tasks that still require attention won't fall through the cracks.

To Do Reminders and Attachments

Set Reminders, Attach Documents and Photos to Ensure Clarity

Ensure your project tasks are completed on time and on spec with easy-to-use reminders and attachments.

To Do Reminders will ensure you and your team are where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Give total clarity to your project tasks by attaching documents and photos to your To Dos. Your team members can view or download attachments directly from a To Do, so confusion is a thing of the past.

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