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Construction Scheduling Software Baselines

Quickly Create, Plan and Track Your Project Baselines

ConstructionOnline Baselines act as a snapshot of a Schedule at a moment in time. When a Baseline is created, the schedule’s current start and end dates are recorded into that Baseline.

After being created, the Baseline will apply to your project schedule and keep track of any delays that cause slippage.

You can even keep a record of how many workdays behind the schedule has become since the creation of the Baseline - all within ConstructionOnline

Easily Set Baselines

Maintain Speed and Efficiency without Sacrificing Your Time

We all know that time is money, especially in the construction industry. With ConstructionOnline Baselines, you can make sure you manage your time wisely and keep on track with your project Schedules. 

Baselines are used as a point of reference for comparison as your project progresses, so you can have immense visibility regarding the accuracy of your schedule projections and where you are gaining/losing time.

Construction Scheduling Software

Power Through Your Projects with the World's Fastest Online Scheduling

Baselines are part of ConstructionOnline Scheduling - the industry's leading scheduling software. Full-fledged Gantt Chart capabilities, Calendar integrations, resource assignments, and more allow you to plan for success from start to finish.

ConstructionOnline lets you house an unlimited number of Schedule Templates, giving you the flexibility to build templates for all your scheduling needs.

Our responsive and intelligent Scheduling receives five stars from construction pros who are now building better, smarter, and faster with ConstructionOnline.

Schedule Printing

Make Sure Your Clients and Team Members Are Always Informed

In addition to managing your project schedules, ConstructionOnline also helps improve your communication from the field to the office.

Send your team members and clients automated email notifications for schedule changes, print your schedules, send Messages and more. You can even set up customized  GamePlans to notify users when important events or tasks are coming up.

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