Track weather changes, workers, deliveries and more with the click of a button.

With new ConstructionOnline Project Logging working for you, you'll never have to scramble to find that missing paperwork documenting a vital delivery or work delay.

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ConstructionOnline makes tracking project activity better, faster and easier.

Jobsite Weather Tracking

Location-based Weather Tracking for Accurate Logs

You can completely reinvent the way your business does Project Logging with ConstructionOnline

After selecting the project for which you want to enable project logging, you are prompted to enter the project zip code. This enables Weather Tracking, a fantastic feature that shows you the recorded weather at your jobsite at 5 different work times throughout the day.

That makes it much easier to account for weather delays, which you can log further by specifying the severity and duration of the delay.

Easy-to-create work logs

Work Logs that Do All the Work for You

Instead of hassling with pages of lengthy paperwork describing field work, quickly and easily enter essential information about what happened at the jobsite using the Work Log without ever picking up a pen.

You can record exactly who showed up to the site, how long they stayed, and what was accomplished.

It's a highly organized and efficient way to keep your daily project information on record.

Detailed delivery and visitor logs

Keep Track of Who Did What with Visitor/Delivery Logs 

This simple and convenient tool lets you make note of any deliveries or visitors that arrive during the workday.

With fields for inputting the reason for the visit and the duration, project managers and team members can get a good idea of what happened that day even if they were not present.

An added benefit is that if the visitor is a ConstructionOnline user, you can select them as a contact, so both parties have record of the visit.

Comprehensive logging reports

Take Your Project Notes and Make Instant Reports

In an industry where deadlines, timeframes, and budgets are of the utmost priority, it's crucial to keep track of every detail that can affect those numbers. With plenty of space to enter project notes for each day and the easy Attachment Tool to supplement your notes with pictures, video, and other files, you can keep all of your daily records together for a complete Project Log.

Once you've updated your project log, you can create an automated and professional report that summarizes all activity for any defined period. Just enter the start and end dates to create a comprehensive, printable report documenting everything you've logged within that specific time frame.

Ensure your projects are completed within spec and on-time with Punch Lists.

ConstructionOnline Punch List Management includes a powerful combination of cloud-based desktop construction software and mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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Easy to use Punch Lists that help you close out your jobs faster.

Online construction punch lists

Cloud-Based Punch Lists that are Accessible from Anywhere

Without the right tools, Punch List Management can be a painful process, especially when it comes down to the end of a project.

In many cases, you are dealing with dozens of subcontractors and suppliers needing to work seamlessly together to complete the project, relying on you for specific details and information about their responsibilities. New ConstructionOnline Punch List Management has been designed to empower you and your entire team to quickly create, document, photograph, and assign punchlist items from the office or jobsite.

Harnessing the latest technologies in cloud- and mobile-based systems, ConstructionOnline Punch List Management is the new industry standard in quality control construction software designed to build your business.

Easy-to-use construction punch lists

Easy to Use, Easy to Understand Features Made for Pros Like You

As the world's fastest growing online construction software, ConstructionOnline is a product of it's own success. A big part of the momentum is a result of focusing on the importance of designing products that are easy to use and easy to understand. Not just for you, but for everyone on your extended project teams needing to access ConstructionOnline via the web or through an iPhone, iPad, or Android device directly from the jobsite.

ConstructionOnline Punch List Management makes it easy to quickly enter items and issues, add optional details, photos, videos, and more. On top of that, you can track your progress with the click of a button - easy to use, easy to understand.

Customizable construction punch list software

The Perfect Combination of Power and Simplicity for All Team Members

For those projects requiring extra attention, ConstructionOnline Punch List Management offers powerful tools to add structure and detail to your quality control needs.

Under each project, optional folders and subfolders of items can be structured to best address the requirements and scale of your project. These lists can be defined and organized by phase, classification, date, draw, or any other grouping that mirrors the structure of your project. In addition, items can have optional sub-issues assigned in cases where an individual punch list item requires multiple improvements or resources.

Track punch list status and priority

Quickly Track Priority, Status, and Percentage Complete

Keeping track of the status of your Punch Lists is a critical factor in successfully completing projects on time and on budget.

ConstructionOnline Punch List Management allows you to easily track Priority, Status, and Percentage Complete of every individual punch list item and issue. Quickly share or print punch lists allowing your team to remotely adjust status or add notes from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Predefine comprehensive inspections lists that can be shared with field personnel in a constant flow of specifications, best practices, and inspections that significantly improve the quality of deliverables, while also reducing the time and expense required to redo or repair incomplete or unsuitable work.

Keep track of upcoming and completed tasks with simple yet powerful To Dos.

Designate projects, due dates, assign primary and related resources, and keep track of what needs to be done on a daily project basis.

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A straightforward project To Do list that ensures you get the job done on time.

Construction To Do Software

Stop Juggling Your Tasks and Implement ConstructionOnline To Dos  

ConstructionOnline To Dos allow straightforward management of all your important tasks. Forgetting to get something done could mean you have to wake up early tomorrow morning ... or losing the project you've been working to get all week.

Either way, better administration of your team's time and resources will save you from the ache that accompanies letting something important fall through the cracks. ConstructionOnline To Dos give you the tools to easily handle multiple projects and your entire staff's upcoming assignments, wherever you go.

Assign resources to To Dos

Divide and Conquer by Assigning Contacts to Project To Dos

Every To Do in the system can be assigned to multiple contacts, enabling you to oversee every individual on your team, and track their progress as they complete tasks.

With one centralized To Do list, as well as the ability to filter or sort by project, you have the means to make sure everything that is due gets completed.

More projects means more tasks that need to be supervised - With ConstructionOnline To Dos, that's never a problem.

Filter To Dos

Filter To Dos by Due Date, Resource, Trade & More

Comprehensive filters help you and your team zero in on the most relevant To Dos in your lists, so the path forward is always clear. You can filter To Dos by customizable attributes, including: due date, assigned resources, priority, trade, stage, cost code and more. Completed To Dos can also be hidden, so any tasks that still require attention won't fall through the cracks.

To Do Reminders and Attachments

Set Reminders, Attach Documents and Photos to Ensure Clarity

Ensure your project tasks are completed on time and on spec with easy-to-use reminders and attachments.

To Do Reminders will ensure you and your team are where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Give total clarity to your project tasks by attaching documents and photos to your To Dos. Your team members can view or download attachments directly from a To Do, so confusion is a thing of the past.

Project reports you can instantly edit, print and share with your team members.

Whether you want to create log reports, print to dos or work orders, ConstructionOnline Project Reporting provides all the tools you and your team need to succeed.

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ConstructionOnline lets you generate powerful project reports in record-breaking time.


Create, Customize and Edit Powerful Reports All in One Place 

ConstructionOnline has everything you need to generate reports for Schedules, RFIs, Transmittals and more.

Our industry leading technology gives you the ability to point, click and generate project reports that automatically gather your project data.

Filter, select date ranges and choose what you want to include before generating your reports, so you get all the information you need.


Financial Reporting Tools that Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Quickly track project profitability with detailed estimating reports. Show variance between total estimated costs and actuals, create summaries, proposals, materials lists and purchase orders. 

Print a summary of all allowances and available selections for a project, or create a report that includes all approved Selections chosen for a project.

You can even create a summary of a project's Change Orders, filtered by status and showing added time.


Gather All the Information You Need As Soon As You Need It

Let's face it, sometimes wires get crossed and things happen that require more information for them to be resolved. When the need arises, you need to be able to come up with powerful schedule and communication reports that explain exactly what you need them to.

With ConstructionOnline, you can create reports for scheduling conflicts, compare current schedules to baselines to see how your timeline has changed, print your scheduling notes and more.


Quickly Share Project Reports with Clients and Subs

The ConstructionOnline reports feature allows you to print and share your reports via email or through your integrated cloud storage.

ConstructionOnline has multiple cloud integration options available, so you can access your cloud-based file and storage calendars. Integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more.

Intuitive project Dashboards that allow you to view important info at-a-glance. 

Quickly view your important Estimates, Schedules, Calendars, Messages and more with comprehensive project Dashboards in ConstructionOnline

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Know exactly where you stand with comprehensive project Dashboards.


View on a Company-wide or Project Level to Filter Information

Intuitive project dashboards in ConstructionOnline allow you to view pertinent project information at a glance. View your information on a company-wide or project level to drill down and see exactly what you need to.

Whether you’re trying to view the status of your Punch List items or want to know which Client Selections have been approved or rejected, you can see all of this and more with ConstructionOnline Dashboards.


Quickly Assess Which Tasks Need to Be Taken Care of

ConstructionOnline Dashboards arrange your project information in a logical order by displaying which components of your projects need to be attended to first.  

You can also filter your Dashboards by Contact, project, date and more.


Toggle Between Features with Industry-Leading Speed and Performance 

Our powerful Dashboards provide intuitive project views at lightening fast speeds. As the industry leader for construction management software, we provide the fastest solution for your construction project needs.

ConstructionOnline is partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring you the fastest, most reliable construction management software on a secure cloud server. AWS supports virtually any workload for over a million active customers in 190 Countries.


Dashboards Designed to Scale with Your Business

The Dashboards in ConstructionOnline were designed for both scalability and performance.

Over 750,000 commercial and residential builders worldwide use UDA Dashboards to take control of their projects and improve their productivity. 

No matter the size or scope of your projects, ConstructionOnline has everything you need to manage your projects and streamline your project management process.


ConstructionOnline is an incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint and it ranks high above these.

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