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Track weather changes, workers, deliveries and more with automated daily reports.

With ConstructionOnline Daily Logs working for you, you'll never have to scramble to find that missing paperwork documenting a vital delivery or work delay.

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ConstructionOnline makes project tracking better, faster and easier with detailed daily logs.

Construction Daily Logs with Automated Jobsite Weather Tracking

Location-based Weather Tracking for Accurate Construction Daily Logs

You can completely reinvent the way your business tracks project activity with digital daily logs in ConstructionOnline. 

After selecting the project for which you want to enable daily logs, you are prompted to enter the project zip code. This enables Weather Tracking, a fantastic feature of ConstructionOnline's Daily Logs that automatically records the weather conditions at the jobsite at 5 different times throughout the day.

Automated weather data makes it much easier to account for weather delays, which you can detail further by specifying the severity and duration of the delay with a daily log. 

Ditch Construction Log Books with Detailed Digital Construction Daily Logs

Daily Logs that Do All the Work for You

Instead of hassling with paper log books, quickly and easily enter essential information about what happened at the jobsite using the Work Log in ConstructionOnline - without ever picking up a pen.

With the Work Log available in ConstructionOnline's Daily Logs, you can record exactly who showed up to the site, how long they stayed, and what work was completed.

It's a highly organized and efficient way to compile construction daily reports and maintain detailed project records. 

Construction Daily Logs include Comprehensive Delivery Logs, Material Logs, and Visitor Logs

Document Site Visits, Deliveries, and more with Specialized Construction Daily Logs

Construction daily logs customized for common scenarios let you make note of any deliveries, materials, or visitors onsite during the workday.

With images, attachments, and fields for inputting the details and duration of visits and deliveries, daily logs keep everyone on the team up-to-date about jobsite activities, so you can all stay in-the-know even when you're not physically present onsite. 

An added benefit of online daily logs is that if the visitor is also a ConstructionOnline user, you can associate them as a contact on the log, so both parties have record of the visit.

Utilize Construction Daily Logs to Create Professional Construction Daily Reports

Take Your Project Notes and Make Instant Construction Daily Reports

In an industry where deadlines, timeframes, and budgets are of the utmost priority, it's crucial to keep track of every detail that can affect those numbers. With the easy Attachment Tool to supplement your notes with pictures, video, and other files, you can keep all of your daily logs together for a complete project record.

Once you've updated your daily logs, you can create an automated and professional report that summarizes all activity for any defined period. Just enter the start and end dates to create a comprehensive, printable report documenting all daily logs recorded within the defined timeframe. 

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