Construction Estimating

Discover OnCost™ Estimating - the industry's most comprehensive construction estimating software.


Take your construction estimating, job costing, and invoicing to the next level.

With intuitive, integrated solutions for construction financial management, ConstructionOnline's complete online platform has you covered from takeoff to proposal to invoice - and every step in-between.

Core Features

  • Construction Estimating
  • Items Database
  • Proposals & Contracts
  • Client Selections
  • Estimate Reports
  • Estimate Templates

Advanced Features

  • Classification-based Markup
  • Customizable Tax Settings
  • Profitability Reporting
  • Work-in-Progress Reporting
  • Project Health Scoring
  • Cost Code Reporting


  • QuickBooks® Integration
  • Redline™ Takeoff Integration
  • Change Order Integration
  • Excel Imports & Exports

Construction Estimating

Minimize risks & maximize profits with OnCost™ Estimating.

Every great project starts with a great estimate. OnCost Estimating for ConstructionOnline gives you the power to create accurate, detailed construction estimates in minutes. The modern, user-friendly interface streamlines data entry and makes it easy to manage costs, quantities, margins, and more. Purpose-built dashboards and estimate views improve efficiency, enhance visibility, and guarantee the most effective construction estimating experience.

Construction Estimating Software compatible with Microsoft Surface
Construction Estimating Software compatible with Microsoft Surface

Estimate Templates

Leverage custom estimate templates to replicate proven strategies for success.

Estimate templates help standardize the estimating process with accuracy and efficiency. Using construction estimate templates for new jobs streamlines your estimating workflow and eliminates the potential for errors. Take advantage of ConstructionOnline's detailed sample templates, included for every account, or easily create your own templates by saving a proven project estimate, importing an existing template, or building your ideal construction estimate from scratch.

Constuction Estimate Templates are completely customizable in UDA's construction estimating software
Constuction Estimate Templates are completely customizable in UDA's construction estimating software

Items Database

Apply up-to-date cost data to quickly create accurate construction estimates.

Up-to-date construction cost data is vital for accurate construction estimates. ConstructionOnline's fully customizable Items Database offers a centralized, accessible location for storing, organizing, and managing unlimited costbooks. Quickly and easily insert costbook items directly into OnCost Estimates. Finding the right item is simple - just start typing and a filtered list of items from your costbooks will appear, along with related classifications and costs.

Custom Construction Costbooks provide current cosst data for construction estimates
Custom Construction Costbooks provide current cosst data for construction estimates

Easily navigate OnCost™ Estimating with in-line editing controls and custom views.

The intutive, modern interface offers user-friendly options, designed to streamline construction estimating and job costing. Convenient in-line editing functions feel familiar to traditional spreadsheet controls. Custom views make sure the right data is available at the right time, however you want to see it.

Generate professional, advanced construction documents & reports.

Get the most out of your construction financial data with ConstructionOnline's fully-integrated toolkit for managing construction finances. Create custom estimate proposals, track construction budgets with job costing reports, analyze profits with Work-in-Progress reporting, generate required AIA documents like the G702 & G703, and more.

Protect your bottom line with tools for managing construction Change Orders.

Change Orders are an unavoidable reality in construction. Effective management of changes is key to mitigating added costs and delays. ConstructionOnline offers robust, built-in Change Order management alongside industry-leading features for construction estimating & job costing. Easily track Change Orders with detailed descriptions, incurred delays, impacted costs, and digital signatures.

Incorporate Client Selections for clear communication and cost control.

With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline, you can quickly create and share comprehensive estimate options. Invite clients to collaborate through a simple web login. At their convenience, clients can review, personalize, and approve desired choices. Approved selections are automatically included in construction estimates to ensure financials are always up-to-date and accurate.

Create custom construction estimate proposals with ConstructionOnlilne's proposal wizard

Win more jobs with professional, custom estimate proposals.

ConstructionOnline's OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard makes it easy to create sleek, detailed proposals, directly from construction estimates. With custom options for headers, footers, color themes, and more, you'll paint your company in the best light and stand out from the competition.


Construction Estimating Dashboards

Keep an eye on construction costs with advanced financial dashboards.

State-of-the-art financial dashboards display the status of your construction budget at any given point throughout the job. See key factors at-a-glance, like the effect change orders are having on the bottom line, which invoices are currently outstanding, how much has been paid to date, and more. ConstructionOnline's clear graphs & charts improve visibility over project finances and support proactive project management.

Construction Estimating Dashboards display financial data and business intelligence insights
Construction Estimating Dashboards display financial data and business intelligence insights

Construction Estimate Markup

Guarantee profits with automatic markups.

Designed to make sure you aren't leaving money on the table, ConstructionOnline offers flexible, automatic options for markup. Apply a fixed amount or percentage per line item, or define default markups per classification.

Control construction profits with automatic estimate markup
Control construction profits with automatic estimate markup

Accounting Integration

Send and receive up-to-date financial data in real-time with two-way QuickBooks Integration.

Get more accurate financial information faster with ConstructionOnline's award-winning accounting integration options. The powerful bi-directional synchronization with QuickBooks lets you send and receive data from estimates, bills, invoices, purchase orders, change orders, and more at any time. The direct connection between ConstructionOnline & QuickBooks helps to eliminate redundant data entry and improve accounting accuracy.

Industry-leading construction accounting integration with QuickBooks
Industry-leading construction accounting integration with QuickBooks

Create OnPlan™ Construction Schedules from OnCost™ Estimates.

Innovation meets efficiency with ConstructionOnline's option to launch Gantt Chart construction schedules from detailed construction estimates. Intuitive data connections streamline project management and enhance job costing capabilities. From there, in-depth Cash Flow Reports predict & analyze income and expenditures over time.

Quickly add detail to construction estimates with Costbook Assemblies.

Alleviate tedious data entry by grouping commonly-associated costbook items into pre-configured assemblies within Company Costbooks. Assemblies can be easily applied to construction takeoffs or inserted directly into construction estimates, populating multiple related line items with a single click.

Construction Takeoff integrated with Construction Estimating in UDA ConstructionOnline

Get accurate, cloud-based takeoffs from construction plans with Redline™ Takeoff.

ConstructionOnline delivers the industry's leading all-in-one solution, fully integrated Redline Takeoff and OnCost Estimating. Easily send takeoff measurements and current cost data to construction estimates with the click of a button. Apply changes as needed with intuitive options for simultaneously updating estimates and construction costs.


Insightful Profit Reports

Get detailed insights into project profits with TrueVision™ Profitability Reporting.

Access a detailed analysis of project profits with ConstructionOnline's TrueVision Profitability Reporting. As part of TrueVision Business Intelligence , insightful profit reports are automatically generated from system data. Profit reports present dozens of key calculations, like profit percentages, to help you stay up-to-date on the financial health of individual projects and keep your company on target for hitting annual revenue goals.

Construction Profit Reports from TrueVision Business Intelligence Software
Construction Profit Reports from TrueVision Business Intelligence Software

Excel Integration

Create construction estimates & manage project financials with Excel integration.

Do more with your construction financials and eliminate the need for redundant data entry. With powerful options for importing from Excel, you can quickly create new construction estimates, save existing estimates as templates, update construction Company Costbooks, and more. Plus, intuitive options for exporting to Excel make it easy to customize report outputs, extrapolate data findings, and more.

Excel Import and Export for Construction Estimates
Excel Import and Export for Construction Estimates

Custom Estimate Taxes

Tailor tax settings applied to construction estimates to fit any job, anywhere.

ConstructionOnline offers flexible tax settings that allow you to customize the calculation method, tax types, and tax rates applied to your construction estimates. Define standard tax settings for all your company's estimates, or customize as needed for individual projects or templates. Take advantage of options that include custom settings for the United States, as well as many international localities like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Customize Taxes Applied to Construction Estimates in ConstructionOnline's Estimating Software
Customize Taxes Applied to Construction Estimates in ConstructionOnline's Estimating Software

Estimate Locks

Safeguard construction estimates with estimate lock options.

Easily manage access to construction estimates and protect the integrity of project financials. Custom locking options let you control if and when changes can be made to project estimates. Make estimates read-only by locking everything, or selectively prevent changes to specific estimate fields like Cost, Quantity, Markups, and more. With effective management of estimate edits & updates, you can feel confident about the accuracy of your estimate data.

Manage Access to Construction Estimates with Construction Estimating Software Tools
Manage Access to Construction Estimates with Construction Estimating Software Tools


OnCost Estimating is ConstructionOnline’s award-winning construction estimating tool that comes as a standard component with all subscriptions. Complete with advanced functions, flexible templates, detailed budget analysis, takeoff integration, powerful online reporting, bi-directional accounting integration, and more, OnCost Estimating is purposefully integrated across the ConstructionOnline platform to provide seamless construction project management.

ConstructionOnline’s OnCost Estimating is built for contractors of all sizes—from growing businesses to large enterprises—and caters to a diverse range of professionals including Custom Home Builders, Residential Remodelers, General Contractors, Commercial Developers, Specialty Contractors, and more. Whether you are looking to expand or maintain, OnCost Estimating is designed for companies seeking to streamline their estimating process, ensure they build accurate, comprehensive estimates for every project, and improve their financial visibility and project profitability.

OnCost Estimating is engineered to simplify the complexities of construction financial management. With intuitive, integrated solutions available across the online platform, ConstructionOnline’s OnCost Estimating and complete financial toolkit has you covered from takeoff to proposal to invoice—and every step in-between.

Unlike other construction estimating solutions on the market, OnCost Estimating offers a robust feature set within a user-friendly interface, designed to be scalable for both small and large construction firms. Additionally, it provides the industry’s only fully-integrated takeoff software and bi-directional estimating integrations with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

ConstructionOnline’s OnCost Estimating provides the most comprehensive estimating feature set on the market. Core features include the OnCost Estimating tool, customizable estimate templates, ConstructionOnline’s Costbook Items Database, integrated selections, estimate reports, and proposals & contracts.

Advanced features include classification-based markup, customizable tax settings, profitability & work-in-progress reporting, cost code reporting, and project health scoring. Additionally, OnCost Estimating integrates with ConstructionOnline in-house Change Order tracking and Redline Takeoff tools and supports native integrations with Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop.

Ensuring accurate construction estimates is crucial for project success, which is why ConstructionOnline calculates financials with a high level of precision to bolster data accuracy and improve your project’s financial health and profitability. While the accuracy of an estimate does rely on the data entered into it, ConstructionOnline’s template options, Costbook Items Database, and Costbook Assemblies help to streamline data entry and maintain consistency across teams.

Yes! OnCost Estimating includes native integrations with Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop. In addition to these integrations, companies who are eligible for API access can use the ConstructionOnline API to integrate with other accounting software platforms such as Sage 50, NetSuite, and more. More information on ConstructionOnline's API can be found here.

At UDA, we recognize that construction estimates and schedules serve as the cornerstone of any project—guiding its direction and serving as its driving force to ensure timely completion and financial viability. This belief drives our team to build integrated solutions that incorporate estimate and schedule data across our system. With ConstructionOnline’s complete financial management toolkit, OnCost Estimate data can be used to create takeoffs, craft proposals, issue change orders, develop online selection sheets, generate invoices, and more.

Yes! As the industry’s most comprehensive construction estimating software, OnCost Estimating is designed to support all estimate types—from short and simple to long and detailed. With a modern, user-friendly interface complete with hundreds of customizable options, ConstructionOnline’s OnCost Estimating encompasses all types of project needs, ensuring all estimates variations can be effectively managed from an interface customized to your company's needs.

Yes! At UDA, we advocate for the use of templates across all aspects of construction project management as they help standardize repetitive processes with accuracy and efficiency. We encourage users to take advantage of ConstructionOnline's detailed estimate templates—included for every account—or easily create your own templates by saving a successful, proven project estimate, importing an existing template, or building your ideal construction estimate from scratch.

Yes! ConstructionOnline’s Cost Code system allows you to build your Company Cost Code lists from scratch or import any existing lists into ConstructionOnline via Excel. As a fundamental component of ConstructionOnline’s Onboarding program, your Customer Success Manager will assist you in identifying and executing any Cost Code data migration into ConstructionOnline.

Yes! ConstructionOnline’s financial toolkit includes its Items Database, an innovative and fully customizable approach to the common costbook, engineered to centralize cost information
and support every company's unique cost structure. With multi-level folder structures, cutting-edge Assemblies, and the ability to integrate estimates and takeoffs via Costbook data, ConstructionOnline Costbooks are not only a highly recommended, but extremely important tool for construction project management success.

Yes! ConstructionOnline delivers the industry's leading all-in-one solution for fully-integrated construction takeoff and estimating. With its OnCost Estimating + Redline Takeoff integration, companies can easily send takeoff measurements and current cost data to construction estimates with the click of a button. Additionally, companies can apply changes as needed with intuitive options for simultaneously updating estimates and construction costs.

Yes! ConstructionOnline’s financial toolkit includes the industry’s most powerful construction proposal & contract generator—the OnPoint Proposal Wizard. Complete with 7 predefined proposal options that can be used as-is or customized, in-line proposal preview, expansive document styling options, custom signature blocks, and the ability to save proposal presets, the OnPoint Proposal Wizard provides construction companies unparalleled power and countless options within its state-of-the-art interface. To learn more about ConstructionOnline’s OnPoint Proposal Wizard, visit here.

Yes! OnCost Estimating is included as a part of CO Mobile—ConstructionOnline’s modern, user-friendly mobile application for Apple & Android devices. To protect the accuracy of your project financials while allowing for easy reference, construction estimates are exclusively available in a view-only capacity.

See how ConstructionOnline’s financial tools stack up to the competition:


Detailed Construction Estimating

Redline Takeoff Integration

Items Database & Assemblies

Client Selections

Change Order Management

QuickBooks® Integration

Selection QuickPick Browser Add-on

TrueVision Profitability Reporting

OnPoint Proposal Wizard

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When I decided to go to an online platform, I tried several - Contractor Foreman, JobTread, BuilderTrend - none of them had the user-friendly tools for estimating & budget tracking that ConstructionOnline does.

Jason - Project Manager, Residential Construction


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