Quickly prioritize your leads and always be closing.

Harness the powerful lead tracking tool in ConstructionOnline featuring pipeline stages, project calendars, call logging and so much more.

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Create, track and prioritize your leads so you'll always be closing.


Quickly See Progress with the Lead Pipeline

Get a clear picture of your sales workflow with the Lead Pipeline in ConstructionOnline.

Filter your leads by Stage, Status, Source, Sales Representative, and more to quickly see the actual dollar values associated with each.

The lead dashboard is designed with construction pros like you in mind. By utilizing an intuitive layout, the lead tracking tool is straightforward and easy to use.


Keep On Track with the Lead Calendar

Always know what's coming with the Lead Calendar. Schedule callbacks and meetings and record when quotes were sent.

Attach files and docs to events, and easily schedule reminders for critical upcoming tasks.

Automated email reminders can be sent so you never forget important information regarding your leads in your construction calendar.


Track Your Lead Communication with Call Logs

Keep a running log of your calls with the powerful ConstructionOnline Call Logging feature.

You can record duration, notes, attached files, and more to give yourself a comprehensive history of your lead communication.

The call logging feature lets you view all of your recent logs or filter them by contact. These innovative logs are designed to streamline your communication so you can make sure your project is running as efficiently as possible. 


Customize Your Lead Filters to Fit Your Needs

The lead tracking feature includes effective customization options, so you can adjust the way your leads are displayed within ConstructionOnline.

Organize your leads the way you want by rearranging the order, changing icons, colors, lead category names and much more.

Easily share your lead information with anyone by exporting as a Microsoft Excel file directly to your desktop.

Give your clients access to what they want to know, when they want it.

Construction projects can change on a daily basis. Keep your projects on schedule and on budget by communicating with your clients using ConstructionOnline™

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Keep Clients in the Loop


The Fastest and Most Reliable Way to Communicate with Clients 

Your clients need to be aware of project progress, especially when those changes can affect the final outcome.

ConstructionOnline allows you to create a login page especially for your clients. With ClientLink you can easily make sure your clients are aware of new developments.

Keeping your projects on track and your clients updated has never been easier. Design their client page to give them all the information you know they need and the ability to view the progress of the project in their own time, at their own pace.


Take Client Communication to the Next Level

ClientLink is all about communication and customization. ConstructionOnline provides you with the unique ability to make sure your clients stay up to date on the way the project is moving. You decide what information clients see on their client page.

You can choose from a variety of options for each one of your clients to make sure you create a page that benefits both of you. With ClientLink they only see exactly what you want them to.


Powerful Change Orders - No More 'He Said, She Said'

ConstructionOnline has already made the Change Order process easy to use. Now with ClientLink getting your clients' input on Change Orders is just as easy. Eliminate the need to sit down with your client face to face.

Clients can give you their input via ConstructionOnline and view, approve, or reject the Change Orders you create. No more discrepancies or confusion over decisions that were made. With ConstructionOnline clients will see exactly what they have approved and rejected. Changes are easily and thoroughly documented so that clients will be able to see where the project is going.


Give Clients Options with Easy-to-Use Selections

Clients' design decisions have already been streamlined through ConstructionOnline with the use of Client Selections. Now ClientLink takes the process one step further. By allowing clients to see their Client Selections when they log in, they are aware of the choices they need to make to continue the project.

Clients will not be restricted to only viewing the selections - they can go ahead and choose which options they like the best in their own time to meet the deadline you assign. Meanwhile, you will be free to work on other areas of the project to keep things moving in the right direction.

Find exactly what you need, when you need it with ConstructionOnline Call Logging

Maintain records of accurate contact communication by using Call Logging in ConstructionOnline. Create, filter and edit logs from your desktop or mobile device.

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Put away the pen and paper. Quickly document your calls with ConstructionOnline.


Keep Detailed and Accurate Communication Records.

Keeping accurate records of contact communication is an essential part of having information that can be tracked right back to the source. 

ConstructionOnline Call Logging allows you to document conversations, emails, text messages, or other communication that occurs outside of ConstructionOnline.

Now you can make sure all your information is there when you need it. 


Filter Your Call Logs So You Can Find What You Need

Stop looking for those stray post it notes scattered around your desk. With ConstructionOnline Call Logging, you can eliminate the stress of trying to scramble and find out who said what. 

Call log filters narrow down your search as much as possible so you can get right back to the source.

Contacts, Projects and Creators can be used in conjunction with one another so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.


Attach Files and Photos to Your Call Logs for Added Detail 

Call Logging gives you the option of attaching Files and Photos, so you can add an extra layer of detail to your logs.

Whether you want to attach a file from your Google Drive or photo from your ConstructionOnline Image Gallery, you have all the tools you need to make your logs as detailed as you want.

Project Files and Contacts in ConstructionOnline work seamlessly with one another, making the process of Call Logging as quick as possible.


Log Your Calls from Anywhere by Using the UDA Mobile Apps

UDA Technologies has a wide variety of applications available for your project management needs. These apps have been designed to work smoothly with ConstructionOnline, so you can see your changes take place in real-time. 

ConstructionOnline Mobile syncs with the contacts on your phone, so you can log calls directly from your device. OnSite Dialog is also available in the app store as an alternative layout.


ConstructionOnline is an incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint and it ranks high above these.

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