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If your website isn’t professional – or doesn’t exist at all – potential clients could come and go without you ever knowing. Create a powerful online presence with ConstructionOnline Public Profiles.

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Create a Powerful Online Presence

Public Profile Layout Settings

Show Off Your Projects

Public profiles in ConstructionOnline gives you the power to add your company logo, name, custom project icons, and corporate colors throughout all your projects. Now your clients, subs, suppliers and entire project team will see your corporate branding spread across ConstructionOnline, adding credibility and consistency to your project management and data files.

Color can provide a bridge of consistency from your corporate letterhead and website to the online management tools your clients and extended project team will access thousands of times. Public profiles in ConstructionOnline gives the option to pick any color you like, from vibrant reds to shining silvers. Match it up or play it up, the choice is yours.

Professional Organizations

Share Certifications and Generate Leads

Let clients know you're legit by listing any awards and recognition you've received for your good work. You can also select from a list of organizations you're apart of.

Show lead capturing fields on your public profile and allow potential clients to submit questions or comments. These visitors will automatically added to your leads.

Integrate with your social media accounts so you can link your online profiles together, thereby creating a stronger web presence.


ClientLink and TeamLink Logins

Open Portals to Prosperity

Your current clients and subs can log in to ClientLink and TeamLink respectively via your Public Profile, another feature which makes ConstructionOnline a more seamless experience for everyone involved.

By logging into ClientLink and TeamLink, you can give clients and subs round-the-clock access to the latest project info and activity. Control what they're allowed to see by setting user permissions.

Clients and subs can see what tasks need to be done, project images, schedules and more.

Client Testimonials

Let Your Past Clients Speak Up

We all know that in this world of oversaturated advertising, making your mark can be quite a challenge. Especially when you are competing against other organizations both large and small for a strong position of recognition and mark of credibility.

Because in the end, that's what gives your clients and extended project teams the confidence that your company is serious about every detail, from the project management system you trust to the final quality of construction and the project itself.

Leverage the power of testimonials from previous satisfied clients by including quotes from clients in your profile. Prospective clients will be impressed and more likely to hire you for future projects.


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