Get accurate time data for your entire team, including notes and photos.

Give your team the tools they need to track time, add shift notes, and upload photos from the field. Everyone's time sheet data is stored securely for easy reference and reporting.

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See who's on the clock at-a-glance with easy time tracking software.

COL Time Tracking Location

Track your employees on the map, edit timesheets and more with the admin view.

One of the biggest hassles faced by construction firms is knowing who’s actually on the clock - and where they clocked in. ConstructionOnline Time Tracking makes it easy to get a bird’s-eye-view of your team in the field.

Once you’ve got timesheet data in the system, you can easily create reports, filtered by job or employee. You can also export your team’s hours to Excel for easy billing and payroll calculation.

COL Time Tracking Mobile

Easy mobile access makes tracking time a snap for your team.

Getting your guys in the field on board with technology can sometimes be a challenge. With our simple, intuitive mobile interface, your team will be tracking their hours, taking photos, and entering shift notes in no time.

If you want an extra level of timesheet detail, you can choose to require your employees to enter shift notes or choose a cost code to charge time to.

COL Time Tracking Export

Quickly create project and employee reports, and export time data to Excel. 

We’ve made it easy to get your team’s time data out of the system and into straightforward reports. Our reports give your the options to show the time charged to a specific job or employee. For more comprehensive reporting, you can export all of your jobs’ timesheets to Excel, filtered by the date range of your choosing.


Control access, log calls, send messages, filter contacts and more.

ConstructionOnline’s contact management system organizes your employees, clients, and team members to quickly open up channels of communication.

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Manage your project contacts with ease.


Set Permissions to Control What Your Contacts Can Access

Take complete control of your projects by setting Permissions for your users.

You can control what your team can see and do in your projects, including file access, punch lists, items, budgets, schedules, and more.

Sort through contacts at a glance by viewing them in an alphabetical list. The filter gives you multiple options, including: display name, first name, last name and company name. 


Quickly Filter Contacts by Role

Choose to view your full list of ConstructionOnline contacts, or quickly filter by role, including employees, clients, subs, suppliers, and more.

You can even keep track of which contacts are active project users by filtering for inactive contacts.

Contacts added as ClientLink and TeamLink users are given a unique portal to log into, so they can see the information that is relevant to them as soon as they login to ConstructionOnline



Send Custom GamePlan Task Lists to Your Contacts

Control the chaos of construction by sending your team custom GamePlans.

Include critical project tasks, including To Dos, Punch Lists, Schedules, Calendar Events, and RFIs to ensure your projects proceed as smoothly as possible.

ConstructionOnline GamePlan sends out automated email reminders to your selected contacts based on your chosen settings.


Track Project Communication with Call Logs

Keep a running log of your calls with the Call Logging feature. Calls can also be logged using the ConstructionOnline Mobile App.

Filter your project logs by contact so you can easily sort through your latest log history.

Record duration, notes, attached files and more to give yourself a comprehensive history of your project communication.

Track Project Progress and Communicate More Effectively

Teamwork can have the potential to make or break you in this business. With TeamLink from ConstructionOnline, you can form a more effective, efficient team.

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Keep your team up-to-date at all times.


Manage Your Time and Your Team with ConstructionOnline TeamLink

Keeping your team on task and organized are essential to having a successful business. ConstructionOnline makes this process easy with the use of TeamLink.

Your subs and suppliers are part of your extended team. Just like the rest of your team, they need to be in the loop and know that your project is going to be able to their job is a timely and efficient manner.

TeamLink will keep your whole team informed and working together to achieve a shared success.


Flexible Construction Management Features to Fit Your Needs

TeamLink is about personalization. ConstructionOnline provides you with the easiest way to make sure each team member only sees project information that is relevant to them. You get to choose exactly what your team members can and cannot see.

You can use a variety of features to create a customized TeamLink page to make sure your team sees what you want them to, including change orders, RFIs, punch lists, selections and more.

ConstructionOnline gives you the ability to create a page for your team that works the best for you - and them.


Lead Your Team to Victory with GamePlans

Your team is going to need guidance. Providing your team with a clear focus is even easier now with ConstructionOnline GamePlans.

GamePlans help to keep them on track and with the personalization features from TeamLink you can easily make sure that each sub that is part of your team will only see the GamePlans that you create and assign to them.

Make sure your subs stay on task by removing excessive information that they don't need and giving them all the pertinent information they do.


Better Communication, Fewer Misunderstandings

Clear directions help a project keep moving forward. Keeping everyone on task and in the loop is a huge part of project success - and that turns into business success.

TeamLink keeps your team informed by allowing you to make sure your team sees everything they need to stay on top of their part in the project.

The personalization options of TeamLink will help to give your team more focus and this will ensure your team will be able to truly work together towards success.

Easily manage your contacts, clients and team members.

Restrict access to certain features or grant full editing capabilities with the ConstructionOnline User Permission feature. Help your contacts focus on the tasks that are relevant to them.

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Manage user access so your construction projects remain clear and concise. 


Easily Access Contacts to Control User Permission Settings

Make sure your clients and subs know what to focus on by setting User Permissions. Permissions are customizable for each contact, so you can control the amount of access each user has.

As an admin, you have the ability to control User Permissions from your Contacts list, Company Overview and more. This enables your contacts to truly focus on what is important for them to get their job done right.


Quickly Assign Contacts to Selected Projects

Send invites to contacts to add them to specific projects within your ConstructionOnline account and easily dictate which files they are allowed to access 

Now you don't have to worry about who is doing what, and you can ensure your team is focused on exactly what they need to be working on. 


Customize Notifications for Users to Send Automated Emails 

In addition to setting customized User Permissions, you can also select the frequency in which the Contact receives notification emails. 


ConstructionOnline is an incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint and it ranks high above these.

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