Harness the Power of Your Desktop with ConstructionOnline Drive


Your Desktop Redefined.

Meet the latest member of the UDA family - ConstructionOnline Drive. ConstructionOnline Drive is a desktop application for Windows that integrates with ConstructionOnline to make managing your documents, schedules, emails and more easier than ever. With ConstructionOnline Drive, you’ll save time and effort by combining the power of your desktop with the flexibility of the cloud.


Easy Drag & Drop File Uploads

Large batches of files that would be sluggish or unworkable through the web browser alone are a breeze with ConstructionOnline Drive.


Full Document Editing & Versioning

Edit Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, images and more in their native desktop apps - then replace the original file or create a new version.


Import Schedule Files

Save hours of work by importing your Microsoft Project, Primavera & Suretrak schedule files to ConstructionOnline Scheduling.


Import Emails and Attachments

Drag and drop emails and attachments from Outlook and Thunderbird directly to ConstructionOnline Drive for easy reference and safe storage.

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40mb download, Windows 10 required